Healthy N Fresh – Mangere

Healthy n Fresh Warehouse construction showing cranes, trucks & various machinery

Client Introduction

Healthy n Fresh in the last 10 years a leading wholesaler of New Zealand grown Asian Fruits and vegetables. Industry leaders in modern growing techniques they have recently constructed a hydroponic farm just outside Papakura (of which Aintree was pleased to provide the adjoining warehouse). This means now that 90% of Healthy n Fresh’s produce is now grown in the more environmentally friendly hydroponic greenhouses.

Healthy n Fresh Warehouse construction showing cranes, trucks & various machinery

The aintree advantage

With two previous warehouses previously successfully designed, engineered and constructed with Aintree, Healthy N Fresh approached Aintree for a package for a new main facility with a warehouse, canopy and office.

Using our detailed market knowledge, Aintree secured 13,800 sqm of prime Auckland Industrial land near the Auckland Airport. On this, Aintree has designed & engineered and is currently constructing a secure 6,500 sqm facility with adjoining drive-thru canopy and three levels of offices comprising 550sqm. Within this warehouse, Healthy n Fresh has taken advantage of Aintree’s in-house engineering to come up with a custom engineered to allow for the installation of cool panelling throughout 30% of the warehouse while keeping structural costs minimal.

Construction is projected to finish in early 2024.

Progress Slider

Move the slider to see the difference Aintree has made to date at the the Health N Fresh Project in Mangere.

Last Update November 23

Arial Image of Healthy n Fresh site built by Aintree Group

Project stats

Site Area

13,823 m2




1,570 m2


550 m2

Cool Rooms

2,000 m2


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