3 Hautu Drive

Client Introduction

Licensys Security NZ Limited produces tamper-proof and highly secure license plates for vehicles. Their advanced technology includes holograms, QR codes, and unique identification numbers, providing unparalleled security and protection. Trusted by government agencies and businesses, Licensys Security NZ Limited is the leading license plate manufacturer in New Zealand.

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The Aintree Advantage

Supplying License plates all over New Zealand requires a central secure facility in which to operate from. Aintree was able to offer a build-to-lease package to Licensys at 3 Hautu Place in Wiri that perfectly meets their needs. This build include a compact 1300+sqm warehouse with adjoining high class, double story office and weather-proofing cantilever canopy. With the project schedules to finish late 2023, Work so far has progressed well and we look forwarded to delivering the project on time.

Note: Image shown is a conceptual render – site is still under construction.

Site Stats

Site Area

2,500 m2


1,380 m2


247 m2


174 m2


565 m2


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